'49 Pulses' documentary being re-released this Friday

Filmmaker Charlie Minn says he’s re-releasing his documentary "49 Pulses" as we approach the five-year remembrance of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

"The worst day in the city’s history. And every story fades over time. That’s why I’m re-releasing the film this Friday," Minn said.

"It’s an awareness of what transpired with us and our stories." 

Pulse survivor Orlando Torres says he hid in the bathroom for three hours and in the documentary explains what happened. 

"It’s something to share our stories of what we went through and did to survive. And hopefully, give an idea and help others in the future that know how to handle a situation like that."

Minn says we need to put an end to mass shootings. 

"We all agree there’s a problem but disagree how to fix the problem."

 He plans to re-release the film for one week. 

"We all will remind ourselves about June 12, who we lost, who the survivors are. We should never forget the victims."

You can watch the documentary at the Fashion Square Mall Premier Cinemas.