3D printer owners team up to make more face shields for first responders

One week after doing a story about a man making face shields, another man has stepped up to help and has even more 3D printers.

"It feels good. I think the ability to do this from a grassroots level is amazing," said Lance Lumbard, who carves out a life-saving creation with nearly a dozen 3D printers."What we print is a face shield." It shields first responders from the coronavirus. I print this part right here. And I print somewhere around 100 a day at full capacity."

Lance says he bonded with Barry Maxwell, another 3D printer owner, through social media.

Last week, FOX 35 interviewed Barry about making face shields.

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Since the story went national, he says he's heard from people all over the country wanting to help.

"Messages from New York, New Jersey, California, Chicago. It’s good to see other people who want to help," Barry said.

He’s trying to make as many face shields on a couple of own 3D printers, but with Lance’s help, he’ll be able to send out many more.

"We have shipped, as of yesterday, 150. We’ve got another 40, somewhat, going out today. I’ve got a request for a hospital for 700, so that’s gonna take a little while to fill."

Lance hopes this helps frontline workers cut their exposure to COVID-19,

"The frontline. Anyone out there who’s taking care of someone who might have health issues and, obviously, we want them to be protected," he said.

If you’re a first responder and need a face shield, email Barry at wgfaceshields@outlook.com or go to https://wgfaceshields.com/.