Toddler with 'hundreds' of injuries dies after being thrown against a wall, St. Pete police say

A toddler died Friday after suffering severe injuries after being thrown against a wall, according to investigators with the St. Petersburg Police Department. 

Now, a couple faces charges including murder, child abuse, and child neglect. 

According to arrest documents, 3-year-old Brandy Crews was unresponsive when she was brought to a hospital on August 9 by rescue personnel, who described the child as "pulseless." 

They were able to revive her, but doctors determined she had no brain activity and died three days later. 

Police said medical workers found burns, cuts, fractures and "hundreds of small scars covering her body," which were all in various stages of healing.

Brandy Crews' caregivers – 33-year-old Monica Williams and 24-year-old Daquan Lindsey – were arrested and charged with murder for the death of little Brandy, as well as child abuse and child neglect for another boy in their care, whose injuries were said to be non-life-threatening. 

He and two other children were removed from the home.

According to arrest documents, Williams told police she was Brandy's sole caregiver.

During the investigation, police said phone records revealed Brandy may have been unresponsive for more than half an hour before anyone called for help.

The partially-redacted arrest document for Monica Williams said she "admitted post Miranda to [redacted] throwing the victim against a wall, causing head trauma and her to become unresponsive."

The documents also said she, "admitted post-Miranda to observing [redacted] beat the [victim] with a belt… countless times in the past," and that Brandy's hands and ankles would be tied with shoelaces during the beatings.

Arrest documents for Daquan Lindsey said he, "admitted that [redacted] threw the victim against the wall" and that he witnessed the same beatings described by Williams.

A partially redacted version of the documents implies both Williams and Lindsey admitted that Lindsey threw Brandy against the wall. 

St. Pete PD said the investigation was ongoing.