3-year-old girl makes 'miracle' recovery after Florida police rescue her from drowning

WARNING: The video may be disturbing to some viewers. 

A three-year-old girl made what Pensacola Police described as a “miracle” recovery after she was found unresponsive floating in a pool on June 13.

Bodycam footage shows officers Kyle Skipper and Robert Lindblom responding to the scene.

“To be honest, my first thought was, ’There’s no way we’re going to bring her back,’ because as purple and as blue she was, I thought for sure she was gone,” Lindblom told WEARTV.

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However, after the officers’ intervention, the little girl finally began to breathe and regained her pulse. “When I saw her take that breath, I really just thought it was a miracle,” Lindblom sold.

“Witness a miracle,” tweeted Pensacola Police with this video. “Officers Kyle Skipper and Robert Lindblom responding to a child who fell into a pool. This is extremely difficult to watch, but she made a full recovery.”