2 new male swans coming to Lake Eola Park

Some swans will soon have their own version of the dating game, thanks to a new city program.

Five-year-old Queenie has been single for quite a while. Lake Eola Park volunteer Patty Pekins says her mate has been dead for a long time.

"So she just stays by herself, because she’s so small," she says.

Lake Eola volunteers say they’ve spotted Queenie sitting on the nests of other bird’s eggs and think her own biological clock may be ticking.

"She wants to be a mom, there’s no question. And now we have the possibility to have her be a mom," says Lake Eola Park volunteer Donna Hall.

It’s possible with a new program called Swan-A-Thon, created by Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan, that was unveiled by Mayor Buddy Dyer on Thursday. Both Sheehan and resident Shawn Pennington donated two male swans worth $4,000, in hopes that one of them could be Queenie’s next big flame.

"Makes me feel incredible! The entire time I’ve lived in Orlando, I’ve wanted to see her with a mate," says Pennington. 

Pennington and his wife, Joanna, have been married 26 years and hope Queenie will also find the love of her life and raise a family.

Pennington says, "It’s great, it’s something we share a love for these swans and we’re really honored to be able to help them out."

Joanna adds, "We’ll be watching all the babies, it will be great" These ladies think so too. Patty says, "We’re hoping she does. I’m not kidding you."

Queenie will officially meet the male swans on July 4th. Until then, they'll be kept in secure area of the lake, as they adapt to their new environment.  The volunteers say they’ll be watching over the swans to make sure no one disrupts the romance.