2 dogs attacked by bear in Longwood

A Longwood neighborhood is on edge after residents say a bear has attacked two pets over the last few days. 

One woman says she was in her enclosed pool area at around 5 p.m. Tuesday with her two small dogs when one of them started barking.

The woman, who didn’t want to share her name, says she looked toward the woods in her backyard and saw a large bear. She says she ran into the house and called for her dogs to come with her. She says one got away safely, but her 15-year-old poodle was mauled to death after the bear ripped through the screen.   She says the attack was completely unprovoked and it’s the second time the bear has gone after a dog in the neighborhood this week. 

“It scares me. I know the bears are part of nature and what not and I've seen them out there a few times but I stay away from them the best I can,” said Martin Hall, who lives nearby. 

People who live at the Estates at Springs Landing in Longwood say it’s not out of the ordinary to see black bears. There are even signs in the neighborhood about bears. But news of the recent scary encounters has the community on edge. 

“Pretty much, when we know there are bears around, we stay inside. We don't wander around,” said neighbor Gayle Camore.

“Usually Florida Fish and Wildlife is very good about coming out and if you have a nuisance bear like that, they come out immediately,” Hall said. 

FWC did not respond to requests for details about how officers are responding. Residents say a trap has been set up.