2 charged, 18 injured in panic at the Florida Mall after food court fight

Two people have been charged after causing panic and injuries at the Florida Mall in Orlando on Saturday.

Authorities say 18 people were injured at a Florida shopping mall when a crowd fled loud noises they mistook for gunfire.

Orange County Sheriff's Office Master Deputy Ingrid Tejada-Monforte said chairs hitting the ground during an altercation in the food court set off the panic Saturday at The Florida Mall in Orlando.

Tejada-Monforte said deputies responding to a call about shots fired quickly determined that a man and a woman had been fighting and knocked over the chairs. 

The 55-year-old man, identified as Anthony Charles Manuel, and the 39-year-old woman, Jenny Ochoa, were arrested. Each was charged with Battery and Disorderly Conduct at a Public Establishment.

The sheriff's office said 18 people were injured as the crowd rushed toward mall exits. Eight of those people were hospitalized.

The mall reopened after about 90 minutes.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.