1 dead, several injured in Osceola County crash

Pieces of debris were scattered all over the side of the road where a car caused a crash that killed one woman and sent many others to the hospital.

Saint Cloud Police Sgt. Frankie De La Rosa said officers got to the scene just after 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

“Just multiple vehicles," he said. "You could barely make out their makes or models due to the severity of the damage they all had."

Rosa said it started as a domestic incident between Andric Levoi Barksdale, 34, and his girlfriend. 

She and four other people were driving in one car, while Barksdale was in another.

“It seems that the boyfriend intentionally struck the girlfriend's vehicle, causing a chain reaction, and their vehicle crossed into the other lane and collided with three other vehicles,” Rosa said.

A woman in one of those cars died at the scene, and everyone else - including Barksdale and his girlfriend - went to the hospital. 

Police said it's especially tragic that innocent bystanders were injured and killed.

Police say, so far, Barksdale is charged with battery and vehicular manslaughter.