$1.3 million in laptops loaned out to families for remote learning missing

When Brevard County stopped classroom learning because of the coronavirus and transitioned to remote learning, 15,000 laptops went home with kids. Among those, 2,600 were not returned and the school district could take a financial hit.

The missing laptops have an estimated value of $1.3 million. The district is now trying to retrieve them.

"We just got $27 million for the last four years, and we’re looking to cut another $9 million, so every dollar counts," explains Tina Discovich, District 3 school board member.

Discovich said the plan now is to have principals reach out to the families who have not brought the laptops back. She believes some families who might want to keep them, preferring to do remote learning instead of returning to classroom instruction in the fall.

There’s something else going on too. Some kids are not in the same house as they were during the school year.

"Reach out to your principal, they know the kids and their situations, but we need to account for each one to know where it is,"  Discovich added. "They are assets of the school district, so it’s important for accountability."

Brevard County school officials held a workshop this week to discuss reopening plans. The district is expected to release the final draft of its plan on Tuesday.