Warmer temperatures and sunshine will soon return to Central Florida

Central Florida is experiencing a stretch of dry and cool weather, but sunny skies and warmer days will soon return.

After several fronts last, Central Florida began to experience cloudy and cool days, with lows dropping down to the 40s and 50s and highs in the 60s and 70s. While this trend is expected to continue at least through Wednesday, temperatures will begin to warm up as we near the weekend. By Friday and Saturday, the region will see highs near or in the 80s.

These changes come as the ocean storm that was causing the chill and clouds moves away. Another weak front will move through Central Florida on Monday night, but this will cause no impact on temperatures. The high pressure behind the front will increase sunshine and temperatures for the latter portion of the week.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a large area of disturbed weather about 450 miles east-northeast of the Lesser Antilles. Some slow development is reportedly possible over the next few days while it moves northwestward and then northward over the open Atlantic. Since there is ample wind shear, dry air, and cool ocean temperatures battling this system, it is not likely to develop tropically. It poses no risk to Florida or other land areas.

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