Spiders Scurry Before The Rain

Nature seems to have a way of more accurately forecasting the weather than us meteorologists.  We see it time and time again how little critters, birds and fish will knowingly change their behavior in response to our changing weather.  Spiders will certainly leave their webs just prior to the start of rainfall.  The spider reacts to the increase in atmospheric moisture and wind and decides it's time to evacuate.  Spiders have been documented free-falling and jumping out or their webs 10 minutes in advance to the onset of heavy rainfall.  Some spiders will actually produce a "balloon" of silk on their back-side, point their butts into the air, and then fly away with the strong winds produced by a storm.  They do this to increase their coverage area for domination.

With a cold front on the way for early Saturday, we do have about 1/4 inch of rain in our forecast.  So the next time you see rain on the way, heads up for flying spiders.