Fort Myers braces for Tropical Storm Ian

It’s the calm before the storm. Not only are the skies calm along the beachfront but so are the hardened residents who are no strangers to hurricanes.

"We have the shutters up, and we’re ready to go," said Michael-Ann Searls.

Hurricane preparations are done for Searls and her husband. The two went over to Lovers Key State Park beach to soak up the sun while they can. 

"It has been absolutely beautiful, relaxing," said Searls. "You wouldn’t even think anything was coming."

The same feeling was being felt by others in the heart of Fort Myers Beach. 

"I would say I’m probably a little nervous, but it seems like with how calm everybody else is I feel a little bit better," said Rees Davidson. 

This will be Davidson’s first hurricane. The new Florida resident started his day by asking locals how to prepare.

"We went to BJ’s to get some water at 7:30 in the morning. There was a line out the door and then we came to the beach," said Davidson. 

Fort Myers Beach could take a significant hit from Tropical Storm Ian. Everyone we spoke to saying they are ready for whatever mother nature brings. 

"We got cash. We filled up our gas tank. We’ve got plenty of food. Plenty of water. We’re going to go," said Sheila Loftis.