Chilly Water At The Beach

Our warmer than normal weather pattern continues across Florida, and most of the eastern U.S., this Winter season.  Temps continue to be running 5-13 degrees above normal most days with highs now touching the mid-80's.  With the jet stream now shifting a bit farther north, we are also seeing more sunshine.  Thursday is shaping up to be another great beach day!

The only issue is that surf temperature....not a good one for most of us.  Now, if you are from Buffalo, NY...then it's o.k..  Even though we may have wild swings in air temperatures, that is not the case when it comes to water.  Our surf temps are dictated by the sun angle, and of course ocean currents.

  The cool surf temps will continue for the next 4-6 weeks, but then begin to slowly warm each week until it hits that magic temperature of 80 degrees.  That usually occurs near June 1st each season and marks the time when we usually start tracking the tropics once again.  Enjoy the sun and the warm air until then.