Gatorland: Inside The Swamp (FOX Local Special)

In this FOX Local special, FOX 35 goes beyond-the fences at Gatorland to meet its smallest alligators and largest alligators upclose and personal. We meet an albino alligator, Cuban crocodiles, learn about Gatorland's conservation programs, and an update on Jawlene, the jaw-less alligator rescued at Gatorland.

Episode 5: Capybara, flamingos at Gatorland

In this episode of "Gatorland: Inside the Swamp," FOX 35's Zac Prudhomme visits Club Flamingo, which is the hot spot for home to not alligators or crocodiles, but Capybaras and flamingos. Hang out with Mochi, Boba, Chai and Latte, the resident Capybara group at Gatorland.

Episode 6: Gatorland Global & its conservation efforts

Beyond the gators and crocodiles, the zipline, and the other activities, Gatorland has its own conservation program, Gatorland Global. Its mission is to "protect, conserve, and educate" Floridians on alligators and crocodiles, and to help protect them in Florida and across the world.

Episode 4: Meet Mayhem, wild gator rescued at Gatorland

In this episode of "Gatorland: Inside the Swamp," Gatorland International Ambassador Savannah Boan takes FOX 35's Zac Prudhomme within feet of some of its biggest gators. We meet Mayhem, a once-wild alligator who now lives at Gatorland. We also meet Scuba Steve, a blind alligator who answers to Savannah’s voice.

Episode 3: Meet Jawlene, the jaw-less baby alligator

In this episode of "Gatorland: Inside the Swamp," we meet "Jawlene," a young alligator that was rescued in Central Florida and now lives at Gatorland. Jawlene is unique in that she's missing the top half of her jaw, but has miraculously survived and managed to take care of herself. She is now living full-time at Gatorland in Central Florida.

Episode 2: Meet Gatorland's 3 Cuban crocodiles

In this episode of "Gatorland: Inside the Swamp," we're introduced to some Cuban crocodiles at Gatorland. Savannah Boan, International Ambassador at Gatorland, said Cuban crocodiles have long back legs and are "super aggressive." They're critically endangered and only found in a small part of Cuba.

Episode 1: Meet Gatorland's biggest & smallest gators

In this episode of "Gatorland: Inside the Swamp," we're introduced to three baby alligators born at Gatorland, including a rare Leucistic alligator and an albino alligator. You'll also meet Lyle, the largest gator, measuring some 15 feet long, as well as Mark McHugh, Gatorland CEO and President, and crocodile hunter and gator advocate Savannah Boan.