Mental health struggles

Celebrities and athletes are not immune from mental health issues. FOX 35 Daniel Knox shows us how high profile people often need help, too.

Puppy for a purpose

A St. Petersburg police officer who was a K9 handler in Afghanistan was just presented with a new puppy as a way to show gratitude for her service.

Preschoolers celebrate 'moving up'

It was the turning of the tassel for several preschoolers. But this school year wasn't just difficult because of the pandemic. All of these kids are fighting cancer.

Importance of self-care

A mother who successfully battled breast cancer learned a valuable lesson from the experience that it's time to take care of herself.

When will we reach herd immunity?

The most important question when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts surrounds herd immunity now. Health experts are alarmed by some polls showing a sizable percentage of adults do not plan to get vaccinated.