Study: Chocolate more stimulating than act of kissing

When researchers fitted couples with brain and heart monitors, they found all areas of the brain were stimulated more intensely and their heart beat faster, for longer periods, while they were eating chocolate compared to kissing.

Tips on getting your kids to go to sleep

If you have trouble getting your young children to go to sleep, there's an easy way to do it, according to researchers. Experts recommend six core bedtime activities to create a routine.

Thrift shopping as a side hustle

There are a lot more shoppers at thrift stores lately, but these people are doing more than just some "good will hunting." They're turning thrift shopping into a side hustle.

Vegan beats Mediterranean diet

One of the most popular diets right now may not be the best one, some dieticians say, and a new study shows that hand sanitizer poses a danger to your child's eyes.

Front line workers get free wedding

Many couples have had to postpone their weddings during the coronavirus pandemic -- some because of timing and others because of finances. One couple, both essential workers, found themselves in this very position, but a contest they won helped to make their dream day a reality.

Stop hitting the snooze button

We are likely of all hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, but some research shows that may not be the best practice for healthy and restful sleep.

Coping with holiday stress

The holidays are the happiest time of the year for many but it can also be difficult for others. The coronavirus pandemic is adding another layer of stress.