Toddlers who grow up with dogs get along better with others

Walmart is reaching out to families offering free virtual summer camps. Meanwhile, Walgreens is looking for ways to diversify family medical care with walk-in clinics. And a study shows toddlers who grow up with a dog get along better with others and perform better in school.

Woman to bike nationwide to honor historical figure

A mother of ten is setting off on a nationwide motorcycle ride to honor Bessie Stringfield, the first African-American woman to ride across the United States solo, and one of the few civilian motorcycle dispatch riders for the US Army during World War II.

Pets experiencing anxiety during quarantine

Pets can tell when something's different. Experts say pets are picking up their owner's anxiety triggered by stress from the coronavirus pandemic. Just like humans, pets prefer routines and become anxious if there is a drastic change.

Family assistance program in need of help

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the working poor particularly hard, and the program that helps them is struggling too. The Heart of Florida United Way says many families are one emergency away from financial ruin.

Social distancing creating anxiety

As many work remotely from home, some are beginning to experience anxiety from too much screen time and all of the adjustments of balancing work and leisure.

Know the difference between allergies, COVID-19

Allergy season is in full bloom in Central Florida, so how can tell if some symptoms are related to allergies or something more serious. It's especially concerning, because some of those symptoms mimic the coronavirus.