When will we reach herd immunity?

The most important question when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts surrounds herd immunity now. Health experts are alarmed by some polls showing a sizable percentage of adults do not plan to get vaccinated.

Eating your way through a pandemic

Our daily routines have changed during the pandemic, and some of our new habits might not be so healthy. But getting back on track could be easier than you think

Airlines assessing seating plans during pandemic

Blocking off middle seats on airplanes may not be the answer to stopping the spread of coronavirus as some data suggests, and new research is pointing to industrial pollution as a possible cause for fertility complications.

Lake Tech success story

Lake Technical College Mount Dora welcomes hundreds of students each year, and you don't have to go to a four-year college to get your dream job.

Research suggests dogs get bad rap on cleanliness

There is new research when it comes to stretching the truth. Those who lie habitually have difficulty recognizing lies from others, studies suggest. And it's not your dog's paws that are messing up your place. Researchers found there is often more bacteria on the shoes of pet owners than on their pet's paws.

Marijuana vaping warning

New research suggests that vaping marijuana may have more negative impacts than cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Scientists say the culprit is vitamin E acetate, used to dilute or thicken oil in vaping cartridges.

Study: Chocolate more stimulating than act of kissing

When researchers fitted couples with brain and heart monitors, they found all areas of the brain were stimulated more intensely and their heart beat faster, for longer periods, while they were eating chocolate compared to kissing.

Tips on getting your kids to go to sleep

If you have trouble getting your young children to go to sleep, there's an easy way to do it, according to researchers. Experts recommend six core bedtime activities to create a routine.

Thrift shopping as a side hustle

There are a lot more shoppers at thrift stores lately, but these people are doing more than just some "good will hunting." They're turning thrift shopping into a side hustle.

Vegan beats Mediterranean diet

One of the most popular diets right now may not be the best one, some dieticians say, and a new study shows that hand sanitizer poses a danger to your child's eyes.