How 4/20 became a pot holiday - and call to action

Some claimed 420 referred to a police code for marijuana possession or that it arose from Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35," with its refrain of “Everybody must get stoned" — 420 being the product of 12 times 35.

Flavored cannabis marketing is criticized for targeting kids

As cannabis shops proliferate, concerns are growing over the packaging and marketing of flavored cannabis that critics say could entice children to partake of products labeled “mad mango,” “loud lemon” and “peach dream.”

More seniors being hospitalized due to marijuana use

New research shows more and more seniors are being treated in emergency rooms for side effects from marijuana consumption. Some health experts say these older Americans, who may have even experimented with pot in the past, may not be familiar with how potent cannabis products are in 2023.

Florida sets stage for more medical marijuana licenses

State health regulators on Monday set in motion a process to issue up to 22 more medical-marijuana licenses, in a highly anticipated move that could double the size of Florida’s medical-cannabis industry.

Florida recreational pot initiative nears 50,000 signatures

Nearly 50,000 valid petition signatures have been submitted to the state in an effort to pass a constitutional amendment that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, according to numbers posted Wednesday on the Florida Division of Elections website.