UCF Football players will wear QR codes on jerseys during Spring game

University of Central Florida football players will be sporting personalized QR codes on the back of their jerseys during Saturday's Spring game. 

"We want their brands to build while they’re here. So that following their time at UCF if they go play professionally, they’ve already got an audience following them," UCF Associate Athletic Director of Hashtag Content, Eric DeSalvo told FOX 35. 

Here's how it works – You scan the QR code with your smartphone's camera, then that'll take you to the player's biography page on the school's website. 

On their profile page, you can find a player's Twitter handle, Instagram, links to buy their merchandise and contact information. 

"I think the QR codes on the back of the jerseys is fine. It’s a good idea. Athletes should have an opportunity to make some money," UCF fan, Chad Griffith said. 

"We're always on the forefront of the future and everybody wants to be here. We love it, we’re excited about it," UCF fan, Wade Johnson said. 

It's a unique approach to a new era of college football. 

UCF's Spring game kicks off at noon. Gates will open at 11 a.m. Fans are allowed on the field after the game.