Florida's winningest high school football coach retiring after 52 years

Bill Castle's name is synonymous with Lakeland High School football. 

He has been the head coach at the powerhouse program for 52 years, but recently announced he's retiring.  

"I was caught off guard," Lakeland athletic director Deron Collins said.  "A moment of silence there, and did he really say he is retiring?" 

Castle has the most wins of any high school football coach in Florida, having notched 473 career wins, and eight state titles, including his final one with the Dreadnaughts this past season.

"It felt every bit as good as the first one, or even better. It never gets old," Castle said. 

Even at 77 years old, he said that deciding to hand over the program wasn't easy.  But he's ready for what's next.

"I am not getting any younger, so I got a few good years left, I hope I need to do with my wife. She has been so supportive of me all the way through, now it is time for me to pay her a little attention and be a better husband," Castle said.