High school football teams stay positive amid COVID-19 hiatus

For high school football teams all over Central Florida, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the sport.

On any spring day, we would be getting ready for "Football 101," with players studying what they had to learn for next football season, but as we know, this is no normal year.  Coaches and their athletes are meeting virtually, getting in as much learning as they can.

"We've been doing Zoom a couple of times a week. The kids log in and they have their phones and they have been watching the workouts and that's bee very successful," said Scott Perry, head football coach at Lake Mary High School. "It's better than not doing anything, so we are making progress."

One thing you can't question is the attitude and resilience of the players who are dealing with a difficult situation about as well as you can expect. 

"The enthusiasm is there, they're staying tempered with it," Perry added. "They're not jumping the gun. We're just doing everything we possibly can right now."

Whenever high school football does return, it will be a camp unlike any of these players have experienced.