Brevard County high school launches first ever eSports team

The clicks on the keyboard aren't the sounds of students learning. 

These kids are trying out for Eau Gallie's first ever eSports team. 

"I thought it was pretty cool. I always thought it’d be a cool concept being able to play with people I’m comfortable with on a team competitively," said senior Scott Streetman.

Eau Gallie is one of seven Brevard County Public high schools participating in competitive video gaming for Rocket League this year. 

"Rocket League is basically soccer with race cars. It’s the best way to put it. It’s played in an arena…the goal is to move a ball across the field and score a goal," team sponsor Wendy Albert said. 

Players are being evaluated for things like skill level and communication. They'll then be placed into three-man fire teams.

"I’m very excited because I played video games as a teenager. I still play video games as an adult. To be able to bring this to the students, I think is a great opportunity," Albert said. 

After tryouts wrap up, the Commodores will prepare for their fall major. It's an eight-week tournament, where they'll compete against other teams from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

For these students, the opportunity to compete against other schools with their friends, means a lot. 

"Usually I just play competitively at home. Doing it with a team of friends of mine that I know pretty well. It gives it a new environment," said Streetman.