A family bond: Winter Park High School football player to play for his coach, dad at UCF

Next year, Winter Park High School senior Hudson Gibbs will trade Wildcats Field for FBC Mortgage Stadium.

His journey to the field – or to UCF for that matter – wasn't easy.

"Beyond football, beyond playing college football, I wanna be a football coach. So I'm – the whole thing about coaching is connections, and who can I learn better from then my dad and coach Gus Malzahn," Hudson said.

When he hits the field next season, Hudson will be playing for his dad, David Gibbs, who is UCF's defensive coordinator.

"Honestly, I gave him options," his dad said. "I didn't push him any direction, but like I said, I think he wants to be close to his mama."

Dad jokes aside, Hudson did not have the same kind of path as many other college athletes.

His dad was a coach in Kansas City, then Houston, then Missouri, and now, UCF. Each time he moved, the family – and Hudson – moved too.

"It gets harder the more you move, especially growing up, but everyone moves before they go to college, so, once I got that into my mind, I  was like OK, this is just preparing me for when I go to college," he said.

More than dad jokes, dad also has some fatherly advice.

"Later in life, no matter what's thrown at you, you gotta make new friends, you gotta learn to adapt to new coaches, different teachers," he said.

One thing Hudson won't have to really adapt to next season is having his dad as one of his coaches.

"I've been coaching him, shoot, since he was 6 years old, since his first tackle football game, so I think he's used to it," David said.

"He's probably not looking forward to me getting on him because i have a tendency to treat him harder then I do other players, but at the same time, he knows I'm just trying to get the best out of him and make him the best football player he can be."

And Hudson has some advise for his dad.

"If he he treats me just like every other player, I'd be happy because I've heard the way he's talked to his players, I've heard the way he's talked to their parents, so if he's treating me like that, then I'll be just fine."

Either way, it'll be fun to see this family's love for the game extend to UCF's football field.