YouTuber pretends to blow up son in ATV accident to prank mom

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A YouTuber and father played a cruel trick on his girlfriend by pretending their young son had been blown up in an ATV accident.

Roman Atwood and his son, Kane, worked together to scare Atwood’s girlfriend Brittney Smith, who ended the ordeal in tears.

The video is called “Blowing up my kid PRANK!!!” and has been viewed more than 2.5 million times on YouTube just a day.

The video shows the prank in its entirety – Atwood and Kane riding the ATV together, meeting with Smith and asking her to get their checkbook so they can buy it, and then Atwood placing a dummy in Kane’s place as the boy runs to sit in their car.

When Smith returns, the ATV – which is powered by remote control – begins to move with the dummy in place, causing Atwood and Smith to sprint after it.

The ATV flies over a ramp and is made to look like it explodes as Atwood holds Smith back.

Smith breaks free and runs to the explosion site, then realizing that the whole thing was an elaborate prank much to her disdain.

She kicks Atwood saying, “It’s not funny, that’s not funny.

“Don’t touch me, I’m done. I’m done, honey, I can’t do it.”

The Kane runs up to give his mother a big hug as Atwood asks, “You still love me right?”

He doesn’t receive a reply.