WrestleMania being wooed by Tampa Bay Sports Commission

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Tampa has hosted some of the biggest sporting events in the world, but never WWE's Wrestlemania.

“It has been a big part of the fabric of our community for quite some time quite frankly we feel like it’s long overdue,” said Tampa Bay Sports Commission executive director Rob Higgins. 

That long wait could end soon. The Tampa Bay Sports Commission is currently bidding to attract Wrestlemania to Tampa for the first time.  The hope is to host the event at Raymond James Stadium in 2023, 2024, or 2025.

“The credibility that goes into the sports tourism destination we've become plays a big role in it,” Higgins said.

Last year in Orlando, Wrestlemania 33 brought in a reported $181.5 million to the local economy. 

Imagine what it could bring to the Bay Area.

“I think it would be one of the biggest events Tampa has ever had,” said Gerald Brisco.

Tampa's Gerald Brisco is a WWE Hall-of-Famer and one of only a handful of people to be involved in every Wrestlemania since the beginning.

“There will be people from 86 different countries in Tampa there's no other event in the world that can equal the global-ness of this event,” he said.

He says it makes sense to have it here - and he's optimistic.

“It is fitting with the history and background in Tampa. You think of all the WWE Hall-of-Famers in WWE that are from the Bay Area,” he said.

Tampa is also vying to host the Royal Rumble in 2022 or 2023.