Work resumes on the I-4 Ultimate project after worker's death

Work on the I-4 Ultimate project has resumed after a worker was killed last week.  

SGL Constructors, the construction company behind the I-4 Ultimate project, reported on Monday morning that they have completed a thorough review and evaluation of their safety protocols. They went on and stated that work on the I-4 Ultimate project resumed at 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

Work on the I-4 Ultimate Project was suspended on February 4th following the death of a worker who was struck by a drainage pipe at a construction site near Winter Park. This gave the company time to investigate and allow their employees time to mourn.

The victim, a 59-year-old man who worked for SGL Construction, was struck by the large, iron pipe as it was being moved.  He transported to AdventHealth in Orlando in critical condition, but later died. 

There have been at least four fatalities on the I-4 Ultimate project, since it began in 2015.