Woman's small gesture towards CMPD officers aims to show peace, unity

A Charlotte woman's small gesture sparked unity between all patrons and police at a recent event.

Tracy C. shared a photo with FOX 46 Charlotte involving a touching moment with her mother and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers.

Tracy said her friends and family were at an event in an Uptown park Saturday. The event, "was predominately Caucasian." She said with recent events, many of the African Americans were a little uneasy, because the event was surrounded by CMPD officers.

"Mom, always being a diverse and accepting person, wanted to ease the tensions and anxieties you could see in several people faces. She wanted to let the officers know the African American community still supports the police, and we appreciate what they do for our community. She asked to take a group photo and it sparked great conversation and camaraderie amongst  all the patrons," Tracy said.