Woman shoots male intruder multiple times in Ohio home with children inside

A woman shot a suspected would-be intruder who broke into an Ohio home in the middle of the night where multiple children were located. 

The shooting unfolded at around 1 a.m. Friday in south Toledo when an unidentified male suspect broke into a home. He made it through the front door of the home, and was met by a female resident with a gun who shot him multiple times, police told WTOL. 

He then stumbled to the front lawn of the residence, where medics found him. WTOL reported the man had a pulse and was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. 

The woman who reportedly shot the man was taken in for questioning, which is police protocol. No one else in the home, including the children, were injured during the incident, WTOL reported. 

The attempted burglary and subsequent shooting comes after similar incidents have occurred across the country this summer, including in Texas last month. 

A gun fight broke out in San Antonio last month when burglary suspects reportedly tried to rob the house at gunpoint and a resident responded with gunfire. 

The resident of the home who opened fire is not facing charges, according to local reports, and said they were defending themselves during the incident.

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