Woman angry over testing accused of pushing nurse, scuffling with deputies, Florida sheriff's office say

New procedures and policies in places because of COVID-19 has fueled angry rants that have landed some people in jail.

In Flagler County, a woman was arrested Tuesday after investigators said that she refused to wait outside of a Palm Coast doctor’s office while her son was tested for COVID-19.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said that Claudia Avello Munoz became argumentative, forcing deputies to pin her to the ground and arrest her inside of the Palm Coast Parkway office.

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The agency released body cam video as deputies tried to talk with her outside the business.

“She wouldn’t listen to him. He was trying to handcuff her. It took two of us to handcuff her. She tried biting and kicking him,” a deputy can be heard explaining the incident.

Deputies said that the mom broke out of one cuff while inside of the patrol car.

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Other angry rants have occurred across Florida.

In Miami Beach, an f-bomb laced rant shows a man upset over having to wear a facemask.

The city’s code compliance shared with video with FOX 35 Orlando on Thursday.

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Flagler Sheriff Rick Staley said today’s world of COVID-19 has put a strain on families.

“Clearly, there is pressure in the family unit and a community, a lot of unemployment, a lot of stresses, that were not there just six weeks ago,” he said. He is asking that folks stay calm in this difficult time. “Control your emotions, control your anger, we're all in this together, we’re all working through this together."

In the case of Avello Munoz, Sheriff Staley said his deputies did everything possible to de-escalate the situation, but the suspect wouldn’t budge. 

“I would say this is her temperamental, this is the way she always is,” he added.


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