Woman, 28, bitten by shark in Cocoa Beach

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Brevard County Fire Rescue officials say a 28-year-old woman was bitten on the ankle by a shark in Cocoa Beach.

It happened near 11 Street on Sunday afternoon.

Officials say the woman was standing in waist-deep water when she felt the bite.

We're told the woman was not from Florida.

She was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Holly Petersen said she was there when the shark attacked.
“I looked at her and she said ‘somebody help me.’ And I saw the fin come up and slap her in the face," Petersen said. "And she said ‘It got me!' So, I grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the shore.”
Shaun Boen, of Souix Falls, Douth Dakota, said the shark bite victim is his fiancée. He said he just sat down on the beach when he saw something he never imagined.
“All of a sudden, I saw Bridgett, my fiancée, and Holly dragging her in from the water," Boen said. "I saw blood and got on the phone and went over there. It got her back calf pretty good.”
He said he never expected this to happen.
“Not in a million years," Boen said. "We’re coming out here...we had this planned for over a year and a half to come out here and hang out. Not in a million years, man.”