Winter Park closes Park Avenue for Mother's Day Weekend

Winter Park has closed-down Park Avenue and several other downtown streets for Mother’s Day Weekend, as the state slowly re-opens after coronavirus lockdowns.

Twenty-two businesses applied to take part in serving and selling to customers on the street, including restaurant Blu on the Avenue.

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“We're hoping people are happy to get out for a little bit, socialize from a distance, just to get some of that anxiety out of their system for the weekend,” said Luciano Cortes, Blu on the Avenue’s general manger.

Street seating will allow the maximum number of people to be able to come and enjoy the evening while staying at least six feet apart. “There will be 8 feet between each table. That allows a foot for each chair and give us six feet, still,” Cortes said.

All indoor areas would be capped at 25 percent of their normal occupancy, while keeping the six-foot rule. At the Orlando Watch Company, owner Scott Heisler said they were taking extra precautions.

“Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, and distance,” he said, “so every time we take in a watch for repair or a pen or anything, we clean it and let it sit in the back for a while so all the employees are safe.

Business owners said they were ready for customers to come enjoy downtown, once more.

“People are so excited to be out right now, I've only heard positive comments from our clients in the store. They're so excited that things are open and they can go somewhere and do something,” said Paige Blackwelder, owner of clothing boutique Tuni.

City officials said staff and police would be making sure everyone was abiding by the safety guidelines.