Wine company sets up hotline for fed-up moms to vent their frustrations about 2020

A mother and daughter photographed at home under lockdown orders. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Let’s face it, most people are over 2020 and with millions of children cooped up at home under lockdown amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely no one is looking forward to it all being over more than moms are.

That’s why one wine company has set up a hotline for frustrated moms to let out their anger, and even turn their rage into a chance to win free wine. 

1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE is an open hotline for fed-up moms set up by MOVO, which is a company that produces low-calorie wine spritzers.

The hotline will be open through May 10 for any mom whose only Mother’s Day wish is to finally unload any pent-up emotions.

"Now, more than ever, moms deserve a break… and a drink. Between teaching their kids, keeping them entertained, working from home, serving snacks every. five. minutes, moms are just trying to keep it together," said Lisa Rudman, director of North American innovation at Molson Coors. "We realize this Mother's Day isn't going to be normal, but we're hoping to make it a little more special with a much-needed laugh and the chance to win MOVO.“

When calling the number, moms will be asked to vent their biggest frustrations and reassured that the call is not being recorded as it is a “judgement-free zone,” according to an automated voice on the other line. 

The company offers a link to their website, where they encourage interested participants to submit their email after the call for a chance to win a $10 credit to Venmo to be used for wine spritzers.