Will coronavirus go away as the colder months come to a close? A Florida doctor has this to say

Doctors say there's a lot we have to learn about the coronavirus.

One thing we don't know is whether or not it will fade away as the seasons change.

“We just don't know. This is a new virus,” said Dr. Candice Jones, an Orlando pediatrician. "We don't have immunity to this virus. So experts are saying we can't bank on that concept that it may have a seasonality to it.”

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Dr. Jones says assuming the virus will end with the colder months may hurt doctors' attempts to fight it.

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“When we think things like that, it may undermine our good efforts of preventing and containing the spread. So we really need to stay on top of this,” she said.

Doctors say during the summer months people tend to go outside more and some diseases don't thrive as well in the summer heat, but there's no evidence yet that that's the case with this coronavirus.


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