Wild video shows University of Kentucky student knocked off feet by severe storm's wind

Winds from a severe storm were so powerful, they knocked a University of Kentucky student off her feet. 

One student that took refuge during a Tornado Warning in one of the school's buildings recorded video of the violent winds punishing the campus Tuesday morning. First, he gets debris blowing past, then a student, who tries to stay on her feet but can't, is seen tumbling to the ground.

"My buddy is a professor at the University of Kentucky, and this is a Kentucky student who sent this to him a little bit earlier in the day," FOX News Meteorologist Adam Klotz explained. 

"They canceled classes initially, just the Department of Geography, which is what my buddy is in," he continued. "And then, ultimately, the entire university did it. And you can see why. No reason for kids to be out in that."

The student was scared and shaken up but uninjured, Klotz reported.

The National Weather Service clocked a 43-mph wind gust in the area.

A hundred miles to the east, Boyd County caught a 102-mph wind gust, the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane. The weather station on the roof of a building made it, but the garage doors of the building were blown in. The NWS also found tornadic damage in the county and wrote that the twister was at least an EF-1.

Winds destroyed homes, knocked over trailers, blew down barns, tore off roofs and rolled mobile homes.

The NWS storm reports include winds clobbering a farm and injuring several animals in Middletown, Kentucky. Power lines and trees blocked roads and highways, but cleanup will have to wait because the next round of storms arrived in the afternoon.