Wiggles the dog finally gets adopted after 11 years in a shelter

After 11 years in an Illinois shelter, Wiggles the dog is wiggling her way into a forever home.

The 14-year-old pooch has been living at the 5A’s Animal Shelter in Godfrey since 2010, according to WZZM. The news outlet says Wiggles, who suffers from allergies, was brought to the shelter when she was 3 because they could no longer take care of her.

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The shelter things Wiggles has been overlooked all these years partly because of her age and because she has a benign tumor.

(5A's Animal Shelter)

(5A's Animal Shelter)

"We would like to get her a real home," they wrote on Facebook.

This week, Wiggles got her wish.

A shelter kennel worker reportedly told Riverbender.com that Wiggles was adopted by a couple who "have a big fenced-in yard and a nice neighborhood. They came in Sunday afternoon. This seems perfect for Wiggles," she said.

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While the staff who have grown to love Wiggles for the past 11 years will miss her, they are overjoyed that she will live out her remaining years with a family to call her own.

"We are SO happy for this girl! What a wonderful beginning for Wiggles!!"

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