Why are there long lines at Orlando Social Security Office?

On Thursday, long lines began to form once again outside the Orlando Social Security Office. Some people told FOX 35 News they arrived at 1 a.m. to try and be the first in line when the office opens.

Dozens of people wrapped around the building this week as they wait in 90-degree heat. Workers are making adjustments to get them in and out faster and keep them out of the sun.

There are two offices at the location on Gatlin Avenue – the Social Security Office and the card center – which is one of the only local offices to request Social Security cards or make changes. 

A spokesperson for the office told FOX 35 News many of the visitors require in-person interviews. To try to help people, they say they will add a canopy for those waiting in the hot sun.

Still, many who waited were frustrated. 

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"This is ridiculous. This would not happen in New York," said one visitor. 

"We added additional service windows for card center customers in the adjacent local Social Security Office and have been temporarily reassigning additional employees from other nearby Social Security Offices to assist the card center," office officials said. "We have a dedicated employee on site who helps people in line."

Officials say they added a drop box for those that just need to drop documents off. They are also telling people to make an appointment online before coming out. As a reminder, officials say many Social Security services can actually be done online.

The office opens at 9 a.m.