When will you be eligible to get a COVID booster shot? Check here

Americans who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 will need an extra dose 8 months after they got their second shot.

That's the recommendation from the president and top health officials. Booster shots are expected to become widely available next month. People with compromised immune systems are already able to get a third COVID vaccine shot and starting September 20, the rest of American adults will be able to get one too. 

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But a University of South Florida virologist is already speaking out, questioning how officials came up with the 8 month timeframe. He also says the FDA still has to approve the third dose for Pfizer and Moderna for everyone. 

Moffitt Cancer Center’s chief medical officer says whether it’s your third dose or first you cut your risk of ending up in the hospital. 

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People who received the Johnson &  Johnson vaccine are being left out of the booster shot talk. There’s no talk about a Johnson & Johnson booster shot right now, but officials say there are studies underway that are testing a mix of vaccine boosters.

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