'We're hopeful, but it could be a long time': Realtors optimistic about quick rebound after Hurricane Nicole

The destruction Hurricane Nicole left behind along Florida's coast could have an impact on visitors and tourism numbers as we are just a few months removed from the spring break season.

Kate Rosenberg, Broker & Owner of NSB Realty Team, said she is optimistic that people will still come and visit Volusia County's coastline. Rosenberg manages about 100 vacation rental properties in the New Smyrna Beach area and said after Hurricane Nicole hit people were initially worried about their upcoming reservations.

"As soon as the storm came through, basically the next morning, the phones started ringing off the hook," Rosenberg said.

While some homes might not have the same amenities as they once did, the homes she manages are available with flexible pricing and rescheduling.

"We set some particular discounts for units that don't have the same amenities or if people want to reschedule their trip, they can."

Patience will be key, Rosenberg said.

"We haven't been given a real timeline for how long it's going to take to refurbish these beaches and the process of getting permits too. We're hopeful, but it could be a long time."