Wedding venues sanitizing to prevent spread of coronavirus

Wedding venues in Central Florida are preparing to host events amid the coronavirus.

Historic Sydonie Mansion tucked away in Mount Dora is booked for two weddings this weekend.  The staff is always on the ball about keeping things clean.

“I’m a germophobe,” Sydonie Mansion manager Stacey Peterson said, “so, they’ve got a friend in me right now. We’ve got a great staff that’s coming in using the proper amounts of bleach.”

With the threat of the coronavirus, the staff is being even more careful.

“We do sanitize our place regularly between every wedding,” Peterson said. “We’re going to be doing it hourly now.”

One group has already canceled its event at the mansion. It was a fundraiser held by mothers of NFL players from across the country.

“They were just being wise,” Peterson said. “They were moms, some of them seniors.”

So far, no others have canceled. If they do because of travel or other reasons, the owner is letting them book another date at no extra cost.

“We want to make sure our brides are not impacted and they get that special day the way that they’ve planned it,” Sydonie Mansion owner Clark Frogley said.

The venue is smaller, hosting outdoor weddings of about 150 people.

Management stocked up on cleaning supplies and hired someone to make homemade protective masks.

Guests have to do their part, too.

“Obviously, we need our guests and others to practice good social distancing, as well, and as long as everybody does that, we feel good about it,” Frogley said.

FOX 35 News checked in with a few other venues in the area. They have not had a cancelation but are preparing if they do.