Air Mobile Ministries providing water purifiers to Ukrainians

Joe Hurston, known as Air Mobile Joe, is well-known for his charity missions, flying life-saving heavy-duty water purifiers to people trapped in war zones and natural disaster areas. 

Now, he's heading to Ukraine. 

"I've been watching it from the beginning and knew eventually I'd probably go. I was just hoping that somehow it would end," Hurston said.

The 30-pound units can purify up to 25 gallons of water an hour, giving a thousand people per-day fresh water for drinking and cooking. He says the plan is to fly to Poland and cross the border from there. 

"Of course, having people drinking out of mud puddles, and draining radiators to drink the water," Hurston said. "We knew these things would happen."

Hurston says especially in a humanitarian disaster like this, clean water is non-negotiable. He says they plan to fly out next weekend.

"That's what brings joy to my heart, the fact that we can go there and do something," Hurston said, "even though it's small, it's something."

Air Mobile Ministries is collecting donations to keep doing this work. You can find the link here:

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