WATCH: Swans perform rare rotation display in Florida

This is pretty magical to watch.

A beautiful, and rare, moment between two swans at Lake Morton in Lakeland was caught on camera.

Janneke Case was visiting the lake on Saturday when she saw the swans performing a rotation display and quickly pulled out her cellphone to capture the moment.

"It appears to be a mating dance, but these are both males and their females are on nests that are only about 20 feet apart," Case wrote on Facebook. "This is a non-violent territorial display between the two males due to their territory being so close together. I hope that means the eggs are about to hatch."

According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, swans that swim in synchronized circles are typically mute swans and will defend their territory in an aggressive manner, but a rotation display, like in the video, are very rare, non-violent territorial display.

Case tells Fox 35 that she went back to the same spot and saw that a few of the eggs did hatch and the little swan babies are walking around.