WATCH: Soldier surprises daughter at Illinois zoo

An Illinois soldier surprised his daughter after returning from deployment, and the little girl's reaction was priceless. 

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Kristi Flury, 12, and her mom, April, walked into the Seven Seas exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo over the weekend for what they thought was a mother/daughter outing. April was hoping it would help distract Kristi from the absence of her father, Captain John Flury, who's been on a 9-month tour of duty in Kuwait for the U.S. Army Reserves.

"One day I'm doing laundry and already kind of in the process. And she goes 'Mom can you videotape when I see Dad for the first time? I just want to watch it over and over.' And in the back of my mind, I'm like 'you have no idea kid," April said. 

Kristi didn't know her dad had returned home early and was at the dolphin show when she was picked out of the crowd. Then, the announcer did the rest. 

"Please put your hands together for Kristi's father, Captain Joshua Flury of the U.S. Army Reserves!" 

Kristi said she had no idea and was just amazed. 

"It felt great," Captain Flury said. "It was awesome, I couldn't have been any happier."