WATCH: Gator scales fence at golf course in Fort Myers

The fences around the Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers were no match for this alligator.

Yes, alligators can climb, and Eric Gilbert caught it on video doing just that.

The alligator is seen effortlessly scaling the chain link fence, then dipping through a hole at the top just below the barbed wire.

The alligator appeared to climb right over the fence and head through the bushes happily on its way.

Jeff Wilson, the manager at the Hideaway, said this alligator is a longtime resident at the course and they've nicknamed him, "Tom." The gator is estimated to be around eight feet long and hangs out around the 7th hole tee box.

Wilson said "Tom" was likely headed toward the canal that's back behind the fence. 

There are plans to eventually fix the fence, Wilson said, though their main focus is on their club house renovation. "Knowing his skill level it's not going to matter, anyway!" said Wilson.