Watch: Cars pulled over after passing stopped Pasco Co. school bus

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A Pasco County woman says she was tired of watching cars fly the school bus that stops to let off students along U.S. 19 in Port Richey.

Monica Douglas decided to take action. When she saw vehicles rushing by the bus - stopped with its lights flashing and stop sign extended - she started recording.

She sent those videos to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, asking them to step up patrols.

This week, her call-to-action was answered. 

Douglas shared a video on Facebook of the same scene she has recorded time and time again. The school bus approaches and pulls over on the highway. It turns on its red, flashing lights and extends its stop sign, signaling drivers to stop. 

But as she predicted, vehicles continued to drive by. 

This time, however, deputies were waiting at the next intersection. 

At least two cruisers pull out and stop traffic across the three-lane highway. It appears at least five vehicles begin to pull over onto the side of the road, at the direction of deputies.

Even still, vehicles continue to drive past the stopped school bus.

As Douglas walks away from the roadway, she yells "Thank you Pasco sheriff's officer! We appreciate you so very much!"

In a Wednesday night Facebook post to her friend, whose daughter apparently rides the bus, Douglas said "I can't believe we made a difference... I was just trying to help you at your bus stop with your daughter."