WATCH: Bobcat spotted in Central Florida neighborhood

A Florida woman was taken by surprise Tuesday after she spotted a bobcat in her neighbor's front yard while walking her dogs. 

The bobcat was strolling Thompson Road in the Markham Woods area near Lake Mary. Lynne Maynard Lopez told FOX 35 she initially thought it was a big cat before spotting the animal sitting in her neighbor's front yard. 

Lopez said as she walked up her driveway, she realized it was not an ordinary house cat.

"I quickly put the dogs back in my house and grabbed my phone to record it, so I could alert the neighbors."

According to Lopez, there are a lot of small children and animals in the neighborhood. Lopez posted the video to the Nextdoor app to remind her neighbors to be safe and aware of wildlife she said. 

Are bobcats commonly seen in Florida?

Bobcats in Florida come in colors ranging from tan with no spots, to gray with bold spots, and in some rare cases — black, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said. They are active mostly at night and are very common, though they are rarely seen by people. Bobcats are generally shy and will try to stay out of sight of people. Still, they are relatively common residents in suburban neighborhoods, and it is not unusual to see them at night or during the day.

Here's what to do if you encounter a bobcat

The FWC recommends removing or securing the main foods bobcats eat such as small livestock (poultry, rabbits, goat kids, lambs), pet food left outside, bird feeders, feral cat colonies, and sometimes garbage. The FWC also advises the public to scare off the bobcats by making loud noises or spraying the bobcat with a garden hose if you see it. 

Florida's residents can call the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 to report a wildlife violation or emergency.