Disney World, Orlando small business team up for new Tiana attraction design

As the highly anticipated opening of Walt Disney World's Tiana's Bayou Adventure approaches, more details about the design process are coming to light. 

One of the notable aspects is the collaboration with a local Orlando small business, Icarus Exhibits, which worked with Disney Imagineers to create the eye-catching Tiana's Foods Water Tower. This tower marks the first visible addition to the ride since its construction began. 

Tiana's Foods Water Tower (Credit: Walt Disney World)

Disney installs centerpiece for new Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction 

Icarus Exhibits is a design and build company known for its expertise in creating custom theming for fully immersive experiences. Established in 1987 near Walt Disney World, the company's partnership with the theme park giant dates back to the 1990s when they collaborated with Imagineers at the Magic Kingdom, according to Disney Parks. 

Their three-decade-long relationship has now led to the transformation of Splash Mountain into Tiana's Bayou Adventure, with Icarus Exhibits playing a crucial role in bringing Disney Imagineers' vision to life, the theme park said. 

Their work on the 32-foot water tower, featuring a larger-than-life tiara, showcases their dedication to creating captivating and immersive elements, according to the theme park. Over the years, Icarus Exhibits has expanded its business and continued to integrate best practices learned from its work with Disney Imagineers.

Notably, Icarus Exhibits General Manager Jennifer Smith, who previously served as an Imagineer for over a decade, brings a wealth of experience to her role. She emphasizes the deep understanding and respect for both sides of the collaboration, and takes pride in the work they produce for all their clients, Disney World said. 

Icarus Co-Owner and General Manager (Credit: Walt Disney World)

Their contributions can be seen in various iconic landmarks across Walt Disney World, like the TRON Lightcycle, the speeders in Galaxy’s Edge, and the larger-than-life figures in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

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The ride will be open to the public in exactly one month. Let the countdown to June 28 begin!