Volusia jail installing airport-like body scanners to detect contraband

Inmates smuggling dangerous contraband into the Volusia County Correction’s Center has jail leaders stepping up their game to catch them in the act.  

Several items have been detected, including a pocket knife, a syringe loaded with heroin, and a cell phone and plenty of powders and pills.

“Those drugs in the hands of the wrong people, could have disastrous outcomes,” said Mark Flowers, Corrections Director, Volusia County.

Flowers says most of the contraband hidden inside body cavities, one inmate sneaking 128 pills.

“What scares me as a jail administrator is what are we missing,” said Flowers.

The jail installing body scanners, similar to those at airport Transportation Security Administration security checkpoints.

“This scanner will detect masses of possible contraband which will be held in areas possibly that would not be able to be seen by the visual eye and conducted during a strip search,” said Flowers.

The technology is about 10 years old and rendering success.

“Other jails in Florida and around the country are using this technology, it’s proven to be successful, and we want to follow the lead,” said Flowers.

The Director with a message for inmates.“Don’t even try it,” said Flowers.

The county purchased two scanners for nearly $250,000. They should be up and running in a month, according to the county.