Volusia County to charge inmates for jail stay

The Volusia County Council voted in favor to charge inmates fees for their stay to help with the costs to house them. 

At Tuesday’s council meeting, corrections director Mark Flowers made a presentation before the council, proposing a one-time $20 booking fee and a $5 daily fee.

Flowers said staff surveyed other counties in the state and from the 50 out of 67 that responded said they charged a booking fee, daily fee, or both.

"All of those around us are charging, we’re the ones that aren’t, we’re missing the boat," he said. 

In a 6-1 vote, the council decided to set the booking fee at $30 along with the $5 daily fee. 

"As a taxpayer in Volusia County, I’m wanting you to vote yes personally because I’m tired of paying everything and my taxes going up as a resident of this county," said Flowers ahead of the vote. 

The county hopes to implement the fees starting October 1.

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