Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood tests positive for COVID-19

"COVID-19 update for Volusia County - and a positive COVID test for me."

That's what Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood tweeted on Friday after finding out his coronavirus test came back positive. 

"My symptoms are on the mild side, but per my doctor's orders, I must self-quarantine for 14 days & no face-to-face contact with anyone. If there is a bright side, I am allowed to exercise outdoors, just not with other people." 

On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported over 9,000 new coronavirus cases in the state and added another 257 deaths.  

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"I am encouraging anyone who is not feeling up to par to get tested. I have no idea how I contracted this and that is a lesson in itself: Anyone can catch this."

Following his announcement, the sheriff's office tweeted Chitwood is taking his very first sick day in 33 years.