Volusia County School Board terminates Superintendent Dr. Scott Fritz

The Volusia County School Board is looking for a new superintendent. Dr. Scott Fritz abruptly had his contract terminated after a brief recess during Tuesday night's meeting.

At the school board meeting, Dr. Fritz was fired on the spot. The school board voted him out 3 to 2. Dr. Fritz did not address any specifics, but based on what another board member alluded to, something may have happened behind closed doors.

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"During the break, Dr. Fritz made it very clear to me that he does not want to be here by his actions," said School Board Chair Ruben Colon. "I do not believe that our employees should be subject to what I was just subject to minutes ago."

"Nobody wants change, but sometimes it's necessary," Dr. Fritz said. "And I will tell you that when I was hired here, I was asked to make change. And I think we've done that."

No one elaborated on what type of behavior was enough for the board to vote to terminate his contract. Fritz already announced he would not extend his contract which was due to end in December.

Fritz will receive a severance package of about $187,000. The board voted to have Human Resources Director Rachel Hazel serve as the interim superintendent.

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