Volusia County parents continue to press school leaders on prom, graduation decisions

A school board member says there could be changes to the district’s decision to cancel prom and limit graduation.

Volusia County parents have fought the decision gathering on social media to protest the announcement.

Parent Jennifer Strickland said the choice should be left up to the parents.

"It’s time for us to stop being silent when issues concerning our kids are being decided. Our choices as parents - I’m an aunt to a graduating senior - those choices are being taken away from us," she said. 

Tuesday, a group of parents planned to let their feelings know at the school board meeting. 

"Even after we’re heard, we’re gonna continue. We’ll take it up to Governor DeSantis if we have to," she said.

School board member Carl Persis said the Ocean Center, the venue where graduation is being held, is watching COVID-19 cases closely as more people get vaccinated.

Despite not being certain during an interview two weeks ago with FOX35 News, he says news of more vaccine supply could change things.

The decision, he said, is ultimately up to the venue.

"That’s up to the Ocean Center and the Ocean Center is gonna make that call based on the positivity rate that we [have] seen on again on let’s say every week," he said.

He added the school board does have more control over prom. He said they are also watching numbers closely and could announce a change sometime in mid-April.

"Perhaps have new information and if we can allow a prom and other activities. I believe that’s what the school board will do right now. We can’t say that we’ll just have to wait and see," he said.