Volusia County Beach Safety recruiting summer lifeguards

Looking for a job? Volusia County Beach Safety is recruiting summer lifeguards.

Captain Tamra Malphurs said the agency is having a hard time pulling in lifeguards this year. 

"Our numbers are down. They’re not quite where we want them to be. We are going to have a third recruit class," she said. 

She said she can’t pinpoint the exact reason but thinks it could be connected to an overall workforce shortage. 

"We’re really not positive why there’s less. We’re feeling the same effects as the local businesses as far as personnel shortages," she said. 

The agency is adding a third recruiting class this summer to try to bump numbers up.

FOX35 learned there is a nationwide lifeguard shortage affecting many cities and beach communities. 

The organization said there are a few factors at play including training delays, travel restrictions impacting foreign exchange student programs, lifeguards retiring, and overall loss of interest.

"I think that’s due to the fact that it does not seem that glamorous or interesting," said Wyatt Werneth, the organization’s spokesperson.